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Installing The Game (Simple)

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Installing The Game (Simple) Empty Installing The Game (Simple)

Post  Assassinator_ Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:45 pm

Alright for those who are Struggling on how to install it. Maybe i can make it easier for you. Alright First what you need to do is

Go to this website and Sign up: (If it doesn't work. Then wait for a little while. Sometimes the page won't Load up)

If you do not know how to read chinese either Get google translator installed. Or just follow Here :

1st: Account Id
3rd:Confirm Password
4th:Nickname(Type Your name or any char name Very Happy)
6th Choose any question
8th:Leave that blank
9th:Confirmation Code(Is on the right)

Alright. After the Sign up

Download Flash get Here

After that. Go ahead and install flash get.
Then open up Flash get.

On the blue bar. Click New

On the url Bar copy this:

And paste it to the Url Bar.

After that rename it as you want ( Sample: Shine99 ShineOnline)
Then click Download.

Now when the download is finish
Open it up with Winrar

If you do not have winrar go (deleted)

Now. Open up the Download. And extract the files anywhere you want

After extraction. Open the installer. Install the game. Remember where you installed it.

Now go to where you installed it.
Like me i installed it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Shine Online

Open up the FS folder.

Then download this (deleted)

If it wont load leave a comment saying it.

Then when is done downloading it. Extract all the files to the FS folder. If you need to replace stuff do so. Nothing will go wrong

After that. Download (deleted)

When is done downloading. Do the same. Extract the files to the FS folder. And replace if needed.

Now for the second patch. You can download it (deleted)

Do the same thing. Extract the files to the FS folder. Replace if needed

Now download (deleted) (This is to sell elrues and get good profit out of them)(Optional)

Also if you can't restone. Download (deleted)

To install that. Open it up and run the program. Then find the Fs folder. And click download.

And that's it.

Oh almost forgot. This is optional. This is to kite skills (I recommend this for mages). You can kite any skill for any class
To download this go (deleted)
To install this. Open up your FS folder. And extract the file to the ressystem folder. Replace it. Now run the Game.


If your having problems. Leave a post. Good Luck In Shine 9919. cheers

[Edit from Baharia: There is already a guide, and no mods from player are allowed]

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Installing The Game (Simple) Empty Re: Installing The Game (Simple)

Post  S1CK0 Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:20 am

Nice Razz This will help people

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Installing The Game (Simple) Empty Re: Installing The Game (Simple)

Post  [GM]Baharia Fri May 28, 2010 3:56 am

1: to register, this has to pass by me ^^ (no oone can registe rout of sudden)

2: I already made a topic like that. and if you want to use links, you use mines.

3: Players mods are not allowed. topic locked.

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Installing The Game (Simple) Empty Re: Installing The Game (Simple)

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