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In Game Rules / TOS

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In Game Rules / TOS Empty In Game Rules / TOS

Post  [GM]Baharia Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:27 pm


1. Names
Player names, guild names and shop names that are insulting/degrading, racist, right-radicalistic, vulgar and/or normally or especially in a negative connotation are forbidden. Names should refrain from having senseless letter-constructions, just like names with excessive amounts of special signs and numbers.
Consequences : Change name/Guild in to a random Name

2. Luring / Death Mobbing / Training
The pulling of monsters and placing them in front of a lower level player or in front of a gate with the intent to kill an innocent player is forbidden.
Consequences: If you are reported by a player more than 3 times, will get banned for 3 days

3. Spawn Point – camping
Camping at spawn points is forbidden – That goes for when you’re in a guild war and mobs. Referring to when a player goes to a mob/monster first and kills a weaker player in order to prevent the weaker one from gaining exp / leveling.
Consequences: If you are reported by a player more than 3 times, will get banned for 3 days

4. Kill-Stealing (KS’ing) / Spot-Stealing / Pking
The rules goes by "First hit''. (Screenshots must be provided) Massive kill stealing will result in intervention from the Staff Teams. Spot stealing is forbidden. The one which occupy the spot as first has the rights.
Its not allowed to kill player without any reasons. Even with reason, excessively killing a player even after they try to leave or obviously don't want any part of it will be illegal
Consequences: If you are reported by a player more than 3 times, will get banned for 3 days

5. Behavior
Be friendly to your fellow players and refrain from insulting them. Threatening and extorting from players is also prohibited. When there is a breaking of the rules, please seek a CSR/GM. Think also, and send in two or more screenshots with each report, so that the Team has something better to see than a “He said – She said” scenario. Don’t think that an infraction of a rule is always an infraction of a rule. Everyone has a different perception of what or what isn’t correct. The Staff Team reserves the right to go after any offense and punish what needs to be.We won’t make threads showing players‘ actions and penalizing them, it’s also forbidden for you to make them.
Consequences: If you are reported by a player more than 3 times, will get banned for 3 days

Begging for money, item, to any player or staff member is stricly forbidden. Any begger will see his account terminated if reported more than 3 time. Same for any staff member giving things away without a reason (events, rewards..)
Consequences: Bann of 3 days to more.

6. modifying the shn files files to be able to kite with every skill is strictly forbidden
anyone caught using this will get hes/ her acount terminated.

7. Attitude:
All players shall respect the staff members and remember one thing, this server is private and people are only able to play because we allow it. All the decisions and rules are taken and decided by the staff. Any player trying to argue, insult, disrespect, or get on the staff nerves intentionnaly will be banned. The same applies to developper. They all do that on their free time and have a life, like the owner. Stressing them and yelling at them or blaming them will not make them work faster.
Consequence: Bann of the account for a period of time, 3 days, to permanent.

We keep all right to modify this TOS and its rules as time pass.

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