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How to Install/Register

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How to Install/Register Empty How to Install/Register

Post  [GM]SKyBladeR Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:55 pm

First thing is you have to modify the settings of your computer. You need to put it into Chinese taiwan non unicode.

First go in the control panel (Start --> control panel) then Regional language options. In there, you should have several tabs, one of them is language (at least on XP). Look at the bottom of the window, you should find 2 box to tick, installing oriental languages (thai and arabic) and asian languages. You tick them.
Logically it will ask you to put the Windows install cd (if you installed Windows with a CD) or if you bought the computer with an originial windows, you don't need the cd.
Then you go on the tab Advanced (for XP) or Administrative (For vista). You will find a scrolling menu under an explanation saying "Language for non unicode programs" and you choose here "Chinese taiwan" on XP
How to Install/Register 27087078
On vista, you have 2 choices, and it's the button on the top, you click and then you choose Chinese taiwan.
The computer will ask you to restart, you do it Smile

When you are done, Congratz, now you can install the game.

NOTE: You need to have winrar to open this file, if you don’t have it, go here to download it.

Thanks to reaper for this video

I hope this guide helped you guys, if you have any questions feel free to contact a GM or any CSR's happy playing!

You can download the client at the 99shine Website
or here:

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How to Install/Register Empty Re: How to Install/Register

Post  [GM]SKyBladeR Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:56 pm

How to Register

Register is a bit complicated and perfectly simple.

You have to know a player on this server already, and ask to that player to be your support, recommand you. That player will send a message to a csr, with the following data:

New player forum name:
New player Login ID
New player Password:
Old player Login ID
Tell me more about that new player:

And an account will be made.

For NEW player: You have to ask to an old player to do that for you. All messages recieved with just a name and a password, or from someone I don't know, will be deleted.

For OLD player, please tell me your old main char, and login.


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How to Install/Register Empty Re: How to Install/Register

Post  [GM]Baharia Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:26 am

A question that often comes around is "How do I download, what do I download" so I hope this is going to help you.

First, download this link:
This link is your Client. Believe me, it's usefull, because it will be your base for everything. But it's not an exe that you will click and it will install, no actually. The file 99Shine is the base, meaning you will find a folder inside called FS with the game almost ready. The only thing you will have to do is patch.

But So, you download this file. Once you have it, what do you do? You extract it. (Right click on the file, then click on "extract here") And tadaaaaa you have the client, the base. What to do with it? You can let it here, or copy paste it in your c:/ProgramFile. Your choice, will not make much difference anyway.

Now what? Now you need the patch for this server, because if you launch the game like that, you will not be able to play.
The first patch you download is:


I know it's in chinese, I will upload the english version later.
So you download that patch but you don't extract it like the client. Once you have it, you open the winrar file and you will see a list of folder and file (reschar, resitem, ressystem....) you select those and then copy (Edit ->copy)
Then you go in your FS folder and once here, you paste it (Edit -> paste). It will ask you if you want to replace, and you say yes for all.

Alright, now you have the base to play our server ^_^
But you cannot play yet. You need to Patch your game now with the lastest update.
For that, you go on that page:

On that page, you download the updates, and patch like I told you above. Same method, you open the rar file, and copy paste what is inside to your FS folder.

When you are done, congratulation, you are now ready to play ^_^ just double click on "9919Shine" Icon, and the game will launch (with a little gameguard installing)

If you have any problem, Feel free to ask help on the forum.

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How to Install/Register Empty Re: How to Install/Register

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