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Reason for all those DC

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Reason for all those DC Empty Reason for all those DC

Post  [GM]Baharia Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:42 am

Well, most of you wonder why this server, like 99, keep disconnecting every 30 min or so. I guess you knew it but yeah, hackers. Basically 99 and 9919 is getting hacked, and that's the reason why the server keep disconnecting. But it's also a problem for the developper.

Why is it a problem? because they cannot do any update before fixing that, if they do an update, and the server disconnect, then it's like they didn't do anything. And they would have to put the new things in the server everytime it dc.

I know all of you want the lvl 100+ map, the lvl 90+ weapon, I know, you all whisper me, send me messages about it and I told to the developpers as well. But as long the hack problem is not fixed, nothing can be done. I asked for the lvl 90+ drops at least, to see if it can be settled since the weapon are already in database.
If there is nothing, I will start holding event, and the reward will be lvl 90+ weapon (don't dream, they will be either statless or with just dex stats) But that's the max I can do for you. I apologize and I hope you will understand.

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