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3rd job change Available

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3rd job change Available Empty 3rd job change Available

Post  [GM]Baharia Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:14 am

Hello everyone

I know it's not the biggest news of the century but at last, the 3rd job change is here. Not a joke, and no it's not a reborn, don't worry. What do you have to do for it? Then take the from posted below and send it completed to a csr.

Char name:
Login name:
Lvl: (Must be lvl 100 at least)
Previous class: (Warrior, enchanter....)
New class: (list below)

But to help you guys, I will give you the List of the class available and what they are for.

Fighters can become:
Gladiator : The gladiator is Axe damage dealer, but not able to have a high defense like the knight (For pvp as well)
Knight: The knight is a tanker, hard to kill but not dealing much damage actually.(Good for pve and tanking)

Mage can become:
Wizard: Mainly pve mage, aoe based.
Warlock: Pvp Mage for the most.

Archer can become:
Sharpshooter: Mainly for pvp
Ranger: Mainly for pve

Cleric can become:
HolyKnight: The pvp and combat cleric
Guardian: The pve and pure support cleric


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