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Post  HellsCrypt Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:07 pm

ok thease are just a few bugs that I have found....

Gold Mine xp its lvls 100+ and you get 5k xp Smile

Tos again bad xp

lvl 10o powershot says its lvl 100 at npc you buy it and the scroll says lvl 101....

Spirit Shot dosnt have any dammage or lower sp of person targeted

Natures Accuracy dosnt work

Natures Wrath says you need to be " ShapShooter" to use but yet it is still useable

lvl 95 xp increases from 500 mill to 850 mill then gose back down to 420 mill at lvl 96........

other npcs dont buy elrue for 5s eatch or 50s a stack ( only npc Nina)

bkr and tbk weps are not ment to be out yet some players have found them at copper mine

fourm bug requires my title be more then 10 characters ( thus such for over sized title)

ill post more as I go/ rember...

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