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Welcome to 9919 Shine

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Welcome to 9919 Shine Empty Welcome to 9919 Shine

Post  Admin Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:39 pm

Welcome to 9919 Shine.
Our new server will be a Player's heaven, because of our fair and equal opportunities. Unlike 99Shine everything will be free. This means no money will be involved, including the vip set or defense suit, in this server there will be no such thing. Everything will be very close the the original Shine game, where scrolls and quests have to be done by yourself. there'll be NO VIP SET OR DEF SUIT for now at least(might have, we've discussed it), they will cost real life $$ if ever implemented. ingame $$ is easy enough to make. therefore, no, unbalances the game.
Exp Rate is 10x. Drop Rate is 10x. please get correct facts and values from casuta or whoever it may be concerned.

Please enjoy and have fun!


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